Preferences Menu

The preferences menu is a tool provided to the player that allows them to customise various aspects of the server for a more tailored experience. The commands below can be used to access the preferences menu.



Alternatively, it can also be accessed in the player's main menu via /menu

As of writing, there are 5 main categories of customisation. There may be more in the future. These are:

  • Chat Bubbles

  • Chat

  • Bombs

  • Farming

  • Notifications

Some preferences allow you to toggle the way things look while others toggle the way some features behave. For example, the chat category will enable you to choose whether or not you wish to see people prefixes, chat decoration, or real names vs nicknames. By contrast, the farming category allows you to toggle a feature to prevent or enable crop trampling.

In the above example, we've clicked on the chat category button. Here we can see the various options available to us to customise.

Let's say we don't want to see chat decoration. We can find which option relates to this by hovering our mouse over the setting icon buttons.

Next, we click the button below this option to toggle it from true to false.

The True and False buttons below each option reflect the current state of that preference and not the state that you wish to set it to.

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