Keystone Portal

The Keystone Portal is a multi-block structure used to allow the player to teleport to other Keystone Portals provided they input the correct material code. Each portal can be calibrated with 4 materials as a sort of passcode to teleport to that portal.

The lower gold block of this structure is the trigger/interaction block.

Assigning a material code

To assign a material code to the portal, stand inside it and interact with the interaction block. You will then want to place 4 materials in the 4 blank slots shown below.

The material code only records the material type of the item. It does not take into account any metadata, such as custom display names, enchantments, lore, and durability to name a few.

The exception to this rule is special materials dubbed shadow materials.

Once all 4 slots have been filled, click the green 'S' button at the top of the menu. This will attempt to assign the portal the material code you've used. In the example below, we're just being boring by using only 4 dirt blocks.

Only the owner of a Keystone Portal can change and set the material code for it

Materials used to set the code are not consumed. The portal with flash with a cloud of your code has been accepted. Whereas as it will flash with smoke if this code is already in use by another portal.

If your code was accepted, other players can now use that code to teleport to your portal. If your code was not accepted, you'll need to try a different combination.

To view the code that a portal has currently set on it, you can click the grass block icon at the top of the menu.

In this example, we can see that this portal is showing that its material code is 4 dirt blocks.

Teleporting to another portal

To teleport to another Keystone portal you must either be using another Keystone portal to teleport from or be using the Rosen Bridge Navigator.

In the menu, enter your material code for the portal you wish to teleport, plus 1 blaze powder for the bottom slot. The blaze powder is used as fuel and will only consume 1 per teleport.

Now click the teleport button. If a Keystone portal with the code you've entered exists, you will be teleported to it. If it does not exist, you will remain where you are.

Materials used in the code to teleport are not consumed.

A material code becomes available for use by yourself and other players when the portal previously using it gets destroyed or has a new code assigned to it

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