The pylon is a multi-block structure used to allow the player to teleport to other pylons they have placed around the server regardless of the dimension they are in. They function as the replacement for the commonly used /sethome and /home commands.

The bell of this structure is the trigger/interaction block.

Just like how with ender chests, where you can open any chest anywhere but only view your contents, pylons function in a similar fashion allowing you to use any of them but only being able to view the pylons you have placed.

An infinite number of pylons can be placed and stored in the menu by the player. Clicking on any of the bells in the menu will teleport you to it free of any cost. Every Pylon you own will appear in this menu.

To allow players to keep track of which Pylon goes to where you can rename your Pylons by using a named name tag on the Pylon you wish to rename. Name tags are not consumed when this action is performed.

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