Enchanted Egg

Enchanted eggs are a consumable type of shadow material used to capture other mobs. They have I, II, III, and IV variants. Each variant has a different chance of capturing a mob.

The mob captured retains all of its metadata. For example in the case of capturing a villager that you've already traded with, it will capture all the trades.

Once you've captured a mob, white particles will appear.

In your inventory will be an egg containing the mob. You can then respawn this exact mob by throwing this egg. The mobs will respawn with all of the metadata they had when you first captured them.

VariantCapture Chance

Enchanted Egg I


Enchanted Egg II


Enchanted Egg III


Enchanted Egg IV


You can view their crafting recipe using /recipebookenchanted_egg_i

Alternatives are:

  • /recipebookenchanted_egg_ii

  • /recipebookenchanted_egg_iii

  • /recipebookenchanted_egg_iv

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